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Versa provides household products within the reach of anyone who desires fashion with a fresh, fun, functional and cosmopolitan touch with an active and constant renewal.


Our intention is to create vital homes that are functional, singular, attractive and accessible to all, making our lives easy and fun.


Initially we did only local distributions
Distribution on a national level, incorporation of a sales network, development of design related activities, international purchases, development of new product lines
Sales network computerization, international distribution (Portugal), investment in I+D design, corporative rebranding (Versa), corporate and B2B website creation, construction of a new logistic platform with 10.500m2 and a new 1.000m2 showroom inauguration
Investment in new international markets, in new technologies (new sales network catalog), corporate and B2B website renewal, and investiment in innovative projects
75th Anniversary
Focus on internationalization, innovation and new technologies